Guardianships And Conservatorships

There is no telling when an unexpected accident can suddenly deprive any of us of the ability to make decisions for ourselves — many injuries and illnesses can render a person unresponsive, or with unreliable judgment. In such cases, it is extremely valuable to have previously appointed trusted people in your life to make decisions on your behalf. A guardian usually makes nonmonetary decisions, such as health care choices; a conservator makes financial decisions on behalf of the person who appointed them.

I have been involved in hundreds of guardianship and conservatorship proceedings. I can help you become appointed as guardian and/or conservator should that become necessary. The law can seem complex on these issues. I can help you understand, and successfully navigate through these complexities, and provide the best possible service to your loved one.

Work With An Attorney To Create A Guardianship Or Conservatorship

In addition to formally appointing a guardian and/or conservator, I can help you consider the bigger picture behind these choices so that you can choose the appropriate people to hold these roles, and even discuss your wishes with them so that they are prepared for their responsibilities if they are ever called upon.

The first step in establishing a guardianship or conservatorship is to speak with an estate planning lawyer. To schedule a free initial consultation with Albuquerque Legal & Fiduciary, call 505-985-5563 or send me an email.

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