Fiduciary Services

Conservator Services

As both an attorney and a CPA, I have an extensive background in accounting and law. I have represented a wide variety of fiduciary clients over the last decade. This accounting experience and legal expertise allow me to handle conservatorship estates of all sizes. My fee structure is different from traditional trust company and bank structures. This makes my services feasible and much more affordable.

As a conservator, I ensure that the assets of the conservatorship estate are protected and I make financial planning decisions that are in the best interest of the estate and the incapacitated individual. I am able to make decisions involving Medicaid benefits and long-term care planning.

Trustee Services

I have extensive experience serving as a trustee. I administer all kinds of trusts, including irrevocable trusts, trusts with minor beneficiaries and special needs and Medicaid trusts. My service as a trustee requires that I manage property according to the terms of the trust agreement and in the best interest of the trust’s beneficiaries.

As both an attorney and a CPA, I have an extensive background in accounting and law. I am independent of family relationships that are often the source of time-consuming and expensive fighting. My operations are efficient and in compliance with state regulatory and legal standards.

Personal Representative Services

I am a highly qualified estate administrator and I am willing to serve as personal representative for probate estates of all sizes. I have administered many estates, both large and small. My goal in estate administration is to ensure a smooth, cost-effective transition of assets.

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